St. Louis Wedding Photography | Lafayette Park Engagement Session

Engagement sessions! It's definitely time of year!  The weather is warm, but not too warm. The trees and grass are vibrant green, and some spring flowers are still in bloom. This engagement, however, was extra special. 

Ryan Hewkin is a friend from childhood. I've been friends with his older sisters for as long as I can remember, and I was ALWAYS at their house. And when I wasn't? Shannon and I would be on the phone planning our next sleepover. Ryan was like my little brother, and I was so honored with his sweet, adorable and very awesome fiancée, Abbie, asked me to photograph their wedding.  

Ryan and Abbie live in Sullivan, and came up to Lafayette Square for the engagement session. They even brought their adorable dog, Bella. We had a wonderful time, and afterwards grabbed drinks and burgers at Square one. It had been years since Ryan and I hung out, and guess what I discovered? He still eats green beans with ketchup. 

Stay tuned for their August wedding.