We’re hiring!!

Our girl, Ashley is leaving us for the BEST reason!! She’s too darn busy with her own weddings :). That means, Erin Stubblefield Weddings and Portraiture is looking for an office manager. Here are some details:

  • It’s 12-16 hours per week (hours/days flexible) at my home office in Southampton. Pay is between $10-15 per hour depending on experience.

  • Skilled needed: organization, creativity, and the love of visiting the post office ;).

  • Lightroom and Photo Mechanic skills would be lovely, but not necessary.

  • You’ll have to work alongside our mascot and lovable doodle, Wexler. He’s cute but demanding when it comes to belly scratches.

  • and if you’re a budding photographer, we can do a monthly portfolio review :).

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